“You are what you eat.”

A well-balanced and healthy nutrition is one of the pillars for keeping the body fit and active from the inside out. It often surprises me how much attention we pay to our outer appearance when at the same time we do not care much about what we put inside ourselves. I believe that nutrition is the lubricating oil of the body: It is up to us which type of “oil“ we use to run our natural engine.

Better Performance

I started cooking and baking in my student years, when I got fed up with eating the same cheap fast food from the supermarket on a daily basis. Ever since I have been moving a lot, I became aware of the tremendous effects my nutrition had on my moving body: Eating dairy two hours (or less) before my workout made my stomach cramp for example. What I ate made a deep impact on my performance and wellbeing during and after exercising. 

Supporting athletes and people leading an active lifestyle with integrated bodywork and yoga has further sharpened my awareness: Beneficial side effects I have experienced in my clients and students are a better performance, less sluggishness and fatigue as well as a higher level of energy, to name a few. Throughout my Health Camps it is important for us to provide you with “lubricating oil“ in the shape of healthy and yummy dishes that keep you fit, active and energized.

Better Health from the Inside Out

As a teenager and young adult I used to have issues with my digestion as well as with bad skin. Different types of medication led to temporary improvements, but on the long run I could not get rid of my issues. Once I discovered the effects that nutrition had on my body in motion, I started experimenting with my diet in relation to my skin and digestive problems, too. Today I know that my body and skin do not tolerate certain types of food very well, such as dairy, acidic fruit or fermented products. Interestingly my food intolerances concern most of the products I would not eat as a “picky“ child. My food experiments resulted in a more conscious diet that works well for my body. Not only are both my skin and my digestion much better today, but my general wellbeing has improved significantly, too. I keep playing and experimenting.

I am passionate about food: I love baking, cooking and mixing different tastes, cuisines and cultures while I stir my cauldron. Most of all, I enjoy eating and sharing food with people I love. I am a big fan of simple recipes with a creative twist. Cooking and baking are an expression of my creativity and my artistic flow. At the same time preparing food is also a craftmanship and I get a better feeling for what works well the more I pursue it.

Individual and Environmental Concerns

I do not follow any strict rules with regard to my own nutrition. I do not want to tell others what they should or should not eat. I believe that every human and every body is different: What may be super healthy for most people can be harmful for a few. With regard to food production and consumption I try to remain conscious of:

  • Factory farming and non-appropriate treatment of other creatures
  • Increased consumption of water in food production
  • Increased emission of greenhouse gases
  • Eluviation of soil due to monocultures
  • Erosion
  • Deforestation and destruction of rainforests
  • Overfishing
  • Use of pesticides and other chemical substances

My Personal Guidelines

Here are some guidelines I follow with regard to my cooking and my diet.

  • Focus on fruit and vegetables: My nutrition (and most of my recipes) are based on what grows in and out of the soil. I love mixing fresh fruit and vegetables wildly and colorfully whenever I spin the cooking spoon.
  • Focus on regional and organic food: When possible I would like to support regional and organic agriculture and find out more about where the products I eat come from.
  • Eat animal products with awareness: I hardly ever eat meat (read an inspiring article on the Reducetarian movement here) and I currently work on reducing my fish and seafood consumption. I try to remember that dairy and eggs from the supermarket can be subject to factory farming, too.
  • Track down foods to their roots: Picking up stuff from the supermarket is easy. But how do I bake my own bread? How to make fresh pasta? What is the process, time and effort behind it? These are questions I am interested in. Not only is it fun to make bread, pasta or tortillas with my own hands, but it also tastes yummy!
  • Use processed foods with awareness: Processed foods are not always unhealthy. It can make sense to freeze fruits or store vegetables to preserve vitamins and minerals for example. What does not make sense is adding sugar, salt or fats. You can read an interesting article on processed foods here.
  • Healthy doses: I believe in balance as far as the variety, the amount and the kind of foods are concerned.
  • Enjoy: Sharing and eating good food in great company is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes I get carried away by sweetening up my life with too much chocolate or a big dining feast. No regrets. 🙂

To give you an idea of my cooking take a look at my blog where I share some of my favorite recipes with you. For extra tips and tricks around a healthy lifestyle as well as a simple and creative diet sign up for my newsletter!