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Nutrition according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

You Are What You Eat

A well-balanced and healthy diet is the foundation for keeping the body healthy, fit and in shape from the inside out. Nutrition is the lubricating oil of the body: It is up to you which type of “oil“ you use to run your natural engine. yummy and healthyThe quality, quantity and type foods we eat can have a huge impact on our mental and emotional being as well. You may feel the effects of a dietary imbalance if you for example

  • struggle with your weight despite „eating healthily“.
  • have ongoing problems with your digestion and/or skin.
  • frequently feel bloated and/or suffer from flatulence or constipation.
  • often experience fatigue or tiredness during the day.
  • have either cold hands and feet all the time OR sweat a lot.
  • suffer from periods of insomnia and/or restlessness.

These are a few classical situations indicating that some aspects of your diet may not work well for you. Dietary issues can emerges as a cause, side effect or result of other imbalances: Physical and mental conditions, the lifestyle, as well as the environment we live in all have an effect on what (and how) we eat and vice versa.

Dietary therapy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a comprehensive framework that sheds light at your nutrition from all these angles. And yes, the meals also taste delicious. 🙂

What a beautiful energy radiates from this girl! Helene’s passion for a healthy delicious diet and lifestyle transpires through everything she does. The meals I was lucky to have were just sensational! (Ania, Poland)

Your Diet is the Foundation of Your Wellbeing

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a style of traditional and holistic medical practices based in China and Eastern Asia. It was developed more than 2,000 years ago and is still practiced today. soup loose weightBody, mind and the environment are seen as an entity: To improve health and wellbeing, TCM aims at keeping all aspects of life in balance. Nutrition plays a major part in that process: Knowing about the impact and effects of foods is the first step to look after your individual needs and goals for better health, agility, performance and wellbeing.

TCM nutrition works. I know, because after suffering from quite a few issues mentioned above myself, I dived into an extensive phase of experimentation with foods. My own observations and experiments collected over 15 years verified many of the concepts I came across in my later studies of TCM. Would you like to benefit from TCM knowledge to improve your diet, perform better or loose weight? Contact me to see what we can do together to make it happen!

Your Benefits

Everybody and every body is different. As such, there is no „one fits all“ recipe when it comes to your individual dietary needs. A personal approach is key. By focusing on a personal diet that works and taking advantage of TCM, you may discover that tasty healthy

  • it slows down the process of ageing.
  • digestive problems (flatulence, bloating, constipation etc.) are a thing of the past.
  • you loose weight.
  • you feel more energized and balanced.
  • your skin improves.
  • you perform and exercise better.
  • you feel less sluggishness and fatigue.
  • your memory improves.

Ideally dietary aspects are combined with other features of holistic health. Have a look here to learn more and see how we can work together. Wanna get some healthy TCM recipes to experiment with among the four walls of your own kitchen? Sign up for my newsletter here!