The practice of yoga connects many of the elements we are focusing on at helene.moves. In the Western world, yoga is mainly known as a physical practice (asana = yoga posture). It includes, however, also meditation and breathing practices, among others. A physical yoga practice may include

  • strengthening exercises
  • cardio training and
  • stretching.

These are the three types of movement our body needs to stay agile, flexible and strong. In addition to muscular training, yoga also stimulates the fascia, which play an important part with regard to our flexibility, suppleness and agility.

Yoga also offers deep relaxation for both body and mind by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous systems. An important aspect of physical yoga is that it is non-competitive. It is not relevant that we are better, stronger or more stretched. Instead, we observe and experience our body, mind and thoughts and work with whatever is present. My teaching style of asana is rooted in a precise and detailed instruction tailored to each practitioner’s needs, to make sure you have a healthy and safe experience of the practice. Physical asana practices that I currently teach include hatha yoga, yin yoga and slow vinyasa yoga.

…& other body.moves

No matter if you practice a certain type of sports or whether you walk through daily life: Regular and one-sided movement patterns can add stress and tension on certain body areas, while others remain underdeveloped. Some daily examples resulting in asymmetric movement patterns are writing and screen work, brushing the teeth, driving the car, carrying heavy loads or sitting with our legs crossed, to name a few.

Do you suffer from tension in your shoulders, spine or neck on a regular basis? Do you sometimes feel pain in your hip and/or got issues with the sciatic nerve? These are just some of the possible indicators that your movement patterns may be irregular or incorrect.

To prevent tension and encourage healthy moves, as well as continuous joint flexibility and muscle strength, my integrated body.moves program includes strengthening exercises, counter movements, balancing exercises and stretches tailored to your very own needs. Some of the results I have observed and experienced when working with my clients are:

  • Improvement of posture
  • Better overall physical performance
  • Injury prevention
  • Improved flexibility
  • Less tension and pain in certain body areas
  • Reduced muscle ache
  • Better stability and balance
  • Stress reduction
  • Better awareness of bodily movements in space
  • Helps to prevent and cure issues such as back problems, sciatica, headaches due to muscular tension etc.

To experience the great effects of integrated bodywork on your own body, contact me for your individual coaching or join me on one of my healthy holidays. I very much look forward to supporting you in creating a healthy routine for body, mind & soul!