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Mental Workouts

Train the Brain

Health and wellbeing happen in both body and mind. Some of the following questions and situations may sound familiar to you:meditation

  • Are you frequently experiencing physical or emotional stress?
  • Do you have moments when your brain is moving in circles and it is not possible to switch off your thoughts and emotions?
  • Do you know the situation when a fear, blockage or phobia prevents you from taking action?
  • Do you stagnate instead of making decisions and/or feel constantly overruled in decision-making processes?
  • Do you feel you drink too much, smoke too much and/or eat too much and want to get rid of your “bad habits“?

Mental workouts can release stress, fear, bad habits and other blockages. Furthermore, they help gain clarity and as such improve decision-making processes. Common techniques to work the mind are meditation, breathing practices or focusing techniques, to name a few.

Habits – and How to Get Rid of the Bad Ones

Day by day, the brain literally adjusts itself to support our actions, while the body adjusts itself to support our mental connectivity. This process is called neuroplasticity. Due to certain experiences made in the past, the brain shapes neural pathways in the form of habits and routines, helping us to deal with the complexity oft the world. As such, we do not need to pause and think what to do when the traffic light is red or when we receive a phone call.

The downside is that neuroplasticity is frequently responsible for emotions such as fear, stress or stagnation, as well as for “bad habits“ such as drinking, eating or smoking too much. Did you ever ask yourself why the heck you keep ending up in the same situation over and over again? Voilà, this may be an indication that neuroplasticity and your brain are doing their job.

The good news is that the mind works like a muscle: To train your muscles, physical effort in the shape of a physical training is needed (Read more on my four key factors for overall health & wellbeing here.). To train the brain, mental workouts in the shape of meditative and/or breathing practices, as well as mental training sessions are the way forward. A mental workout takes advantage of neuroplasticity and forms new habits over time.

Your Benefits

By training your brain you actively contribute to your overall health and wellbeing. Today, various aspects of a mental workout are widely used in sports psychology for example. Not only do they boost the confidence of athletes, but help improve their focus and performance. Here are some of the major benefits of a mental workout:beach meditation

  • helps preserve the aging of the brain (vs. dementia, Alzheimer disease etc.)
  • enhanced performance
  • helps manage symptoms of stress, frustration, depression and angst
  • keeps “bad habits“ and addictions at check
  • better focus and concentration
  • provides the body with a higher amount of fresh oxygen
  • improved clarity and confidence
  • supports relaxation and serenity

Give it a try and experience for yourself how a mental workout affects your state of wellbeingHave a look at the health section to find out more about my concept of holistic health and see how we can work together. Got questions? Contact me!