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Yoga & Massage


In the Western world, yoga is mainly known as a physical exercise. yogaNevertheless, exercises such as meditation and breath work are also part of the practice (among others).

A physical yoga practice may combine strengthening exercises, cardio training, stretching and deep relaxation. It encourages you to utilize all your natural ranges of movement. What distinguishes a yoga practice from sports or physical therapy is that it is practiced mindfully and with awareness in a non-competitive setting. This way, a physical yoga practice turns into a mental workout as well.

Physical practices that I currently teach include hatha, yin and slow vinyasa yoga.

Despite participating in several yoga courses, I could never understand why everybody is so enthusiastic about yoga. Then I met Helene and her teaching style is just different! She has a deep feeling and passion for yoga. Even when the class is full, she manages to pay attention to each single practitioner. (Christina, Germany)

…& Massage

Sometimes we need to go deeper: When bodily tension is located in the deeper layers of the body, a single massage is the most effective solution. Traditional Thai massage (nuad) combines physical stretching and passive bodywork with traditional massage techniques. It enhances bodily sensitivity and can release emotional tension in specific cases.
The best is: You do not need to work out yourself to get the physical benefits. This is the reason why traditional Thai massage is often called the yoga of the lazy. Give it a try and find out how it works for you!

What I specifically like about Helene’s approach is her ability to tailor each class to the participants’ different needs. I have really benefited from it. (Lydia, Austria)

Your Benefits

Both yoga and massage encourage healthy.moves via a combination of strengthening and stretching exercises, counter movements, balancing exercises and mental workouts. Some of the benefits include

  • reduction of muscular tension and pain (back problems, sciatica, headaches, shoulder stiffness etc.)
  • improvement of posture
  • stress reduction
  • correction of irregular and unhealthy movement patterns
  • enhanced physical performance
  • injury prevention
  • improved flexibility
  • reduced muscle ache
  • better stability and balance
  • can release emotional tension

Have a look at the health section to see what we can do together and how we can cooperate! Got questions? Get in touch!