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To stay healthy, fit and well in today’s world, I believe there are four key factors:

a healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy nutrition and healthy relationships.

Have a look at the following pages to see what we can do together to improve your overall state of wellbeing:

  • helene.moves.your body: yoga & massage
  • helene.moves.your.mind: meditation & mental workout
  • helene.moves.your.diet: nutrition & diet

Individual consulting and private group coachings

No matter if there is a specific issue you need support with or you just to balance out your physical and mental wellbeing – contact me for individual consulting and private group coachings.

Co-hosting of events

Do you host a retreat, camp or any other event? Would you like to spice up your event with some healthy activities? I can support you in the areas of cooking/nutrition, massage, yoga&body.work and mental training.

Have a look at the bottom of this page to find out which organizations and companies I have worked with so far.

Why holistic health is relevant for you

Since the last century, Western medicine keeps saving countless lives with the discovery and prevention of diseases, such as polio or smallpox. The remarkable scientific process has cured many of the specific deseases humanity suffered from – often with one single vaccine!

The success of the classical Western medicine is truly outstanding and keeps improving humanity’s quality of life as we speak. Some health issues in the world today are, however, not curable with a single vaccine, surgery or treatment. Some of the most common examples are stress, depression, obesity, cancer, heart or autoimmune diseases. These issues are caused by a combination of physical, genetic, environmental and social factors that make it incredibly difficult to find a single cure working for all people.

Because of this inherent complexity, Western science is opening its doors to different ways of thinking. Step by step, holistic body treatments based on the mind.body.connection gain a wider credibility and are now combined with classical treatments.

Why the body.mind.connection is relevant for you

The basic idea behind the mind.body.connection is simple: The state of the mind influences the body and the state of the body influences the mind. How we think, act and process information impacts our health. How we move and breathe impacts how we think and feel mentally. Nutrition is the lubricating oil that keeps body and mind going: The quality of your nutrition impacts the quality of your performance. Reliable, trustworthy and healthy relationships further improve our state of wellbeing.

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