What is qi? 4 ways to increase your energy level

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In connection with taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the term “qi” is often used. Perhaps you have also come across this term before. So what is qi and how can you use it to increase your personal well-being, health and your energy level?

What is qi?

The term qi usually refers to “energy“. In addition, it can mean life essence, air or life breath. Many ancient cultures know such concepts. In Indian philosophy and yoga, this source of energy is called “prana” for example.

Qi is the energy permeating and transforming everything that is organic. Energy can neither be generated nor lost. It can only be transformed. This is also confirmed by Western science, not at the least by such great minds as Newton and Einstein. According to the Chinese view, qi derives from the force of yang and is not materially tangible.

All growth and developments on earth and in the universe are subject to this life force. Qi is the engine of all living beings, habitats, the earth and the entire cosmos. It ensures

  • that a creature moves,
  • that a plant grows or
  • that the universe keeps expanding.

If you obtain a high amount of qi, you are able to walk through life with more joy, ease and an increased level of vitality.

Qi ensures that humans develop, that plants grow and that the universe expands.

Qi permeates everything and ensures that plants grow. (Photo by Hans on Pixabay)

How qi affects your quality of life

A person’s energy level is manifested not only in and by his or her body, but in all expressions of life, including growth and development, movements, body heat, breathing, digestion as well as emotions and the processes of thinking. According to Chinese thinking, qi is responsible for all of that.

The Chinese character for qi represents a pot of rice with steam rising from it. In China, rice is considered as THE traditional staple food which is available to rich and poor people alike. If the rice pot remains cold, the food is stagnant and goes bad after some time. If the rice pot, however, is too hot, it boils over. As a result, the energy is wasted and only some burnt leftovers remain in the cooking pot.

How to increase qi for a better life

Qi refers to the image of a boiling rice pot. (Image from Faris Mohammed on Unsplas)

As far as the cooking process of rice as well as our quality of life in a metaphorical way are concerned, all processes must be in harmony to get the best possible results.  Therefore, your quality of life is highest when an optimal and individual balance is achieved and all elements express themselves in a harmonious flow.

How you positively influence your life with the help of qi

According to taoism, physical, mental and spiritual well-being emerges when the energy flow is harmonious and when all elements as an expression of yin and yang are in balance. If the flow of qi is disturbed, disharmony and blockages arise, such as e.g. illness, stagnation, exhaustion, aggression, disputes, depression and countless other issues causing difficulties.

However, the good news is: YOU can heavily influence the energy flow to increase your well-being, health – and as such also your quality of life. So how to optimize the flow of qi?

When Qi flows, Yin and Yang are in balance.

When qi flows, yin and yang are in balance. (Photo by Silver Fox on Pixabay)

Your 4 possibilities for more flow

There are various possibilities to improve your energy level. The 4 main options are:

  1. increase the intake of beneficial qi
  2. improve the free flow of qi
  3. strengthen your existing qi
  4. optimally allocate qi

Now let’s look in detail at how you can specifically use these options to experience more vitality, health and success.

1. How to increase your intake of beneficial qi

As human beings, we have 3 main sources of qi:

  1. pre-natal qi
  2. breathing
  3. nutrition

The pre-natal qi is the energy that is transferred from the parents to you during your creation of birth. This flow of energy depends on the quality of your parents’ and ancestors’ lifestyle and cannot be directly influenced. Nevertheless, it is possible to transform blockages with a particular family member, within the family or even within the ancestral lineage by taking advantage of a relationship coaching. Request a coaching now…

Breathing and nutrition are the 2 other main sources of qi, which we can take care of ourselves. The type and quality of your food and breathing processes have a direct influence on your individual energy level.  The corresponding organs of the body – i.e. the digstive system and your lungs – ensure that the intake of food and air are transformed into physical, mental and spiritual energy.

Get higher qi with breathing

Increase your intake of qi by taking advantage of specific breathing exercises. (photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash)

Through your intake of food as well as your breathing processes, you can actively shape your quality of life. Relaxed inhalation of fresh air deeply down into your belly and a high-quality diet nurture your body with good energy. Breathing and nutrition form the “lubricating oil” of your body and have an impact on how long and how well your “engine” runs. More about qi and nutrition shortly…

2. Release blockages and increase the free energy flow

If blockages occur, qi can no longer flow freely, which might lead to problems at different levels, such as:

  • physical illness
  • emotional and mental issues such as aggression, lack of success, melancholy, restlessness, depression, sadness etc.
  • spiritual and mental overload
  • tensions and disputes with people around you

If we are ill for a long time, feel constantly overloaded or continuously struggle with difficult life issues and disputes, our quality of life suffers too. Within the framework of my coaching offer, I support you in releasing such and other blockages, so that you lead your life with more joy and run your business more freely, successfully and healthily from now on. Request coaching now…

3. How to strengthen qi

You can also influence other areas to strengthen your energy level. An important topic in this context is physical exercise within the framework of your individual constitution and possibilities. Remember the analogy of the rice pot: Too much movement can break your body. You can see this with many professional athletes for example, who have to deal with numerous physical ailments and operations at a young age already. Too little exercise, on the other hand, causes problems such as stagnation, sluggishness and weight gain.

As you already know by now, the Chinese teachings always take an individual approach onl ife. When it comes to physical exercise, the type, frequency and quality of your training should therefore be in balance with your individual constitution.

Mindful practices such as yoga, qi gong or pilates combine deep breathing with healthy movement patterns and are excellent for both strengthening your energy level and taking in more vital qi via deep breathing routines.

Strengthen your qi with pilates

Strengthen your qi with Pilates. (photo by Kerstin Goldberg on LiveFi)

Apart from these mindful practices, gentle to moderately intense exercise in the fresh air is also doing the trick. Enrich your individually adapted training with beneficial treatments like massage or acupuncture to activate qi and release (physical) blockages.

4. How to optimally allocate energy

Last but not least, an important aspect concerns the mindful management of your existing qi. Using your available energy consciously, effectively and literally in an “energy-saving” way will have a very positive effect on your quality of life, too.

This is exactly the reason why phases of regeneration in the right balance – such as sufficient sleep, rest and peace of mind – are very beneficient for your energy level. Psychological aspects like stress, fear, worry, overthinking or hecticness weaken qi. Mental and spiritual overload causes too much energy being used up too quickly.

Optimal regeneration is also achieved by staying at places with a high level of vital qi. These can be locations in unspoiled nature as well as places where you spend time with inspiring, friendly and valuable people. Furthermore, it is possible to raise the energy level in your home, office or garden with the powerful techniques of geomancy and feng shui. By taking advantage of them, you automatically benefit from more vitality and well-being in your personal environment.

Increase your well-being with geomancy and feng shui

Everything is interconnected. We influence the outside world with our thoughts, words and actions, while we are influenced by the outside world in return. This is exactly where geomancy and feng shui come into play. What if you

  • could design your home in such a way that your immediate surroundings increase your health and vitality as if by chance?
  • experience less difficulties between family members or colleagues in your home, company and office, so that instead everyone benefits from a more harmonious atmosphere that nourishes the achievement of common goals?
  • are automatically supported by your environment in making your plans and wishes come true much faster?

With geomancy and feng shui your living and working spaces are transformed into places of inner power and harmony. As a result, you and all people around you experience more health, success, balance and vitality. At the same time, a much higher level of mental and emotional stability is fostered, so that you can focus better and achieve your goals faster and with more ease. Learn more about geomancy and feng shui…

Use the power of qi NOW

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Much love & metta, Helene

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