2022: This is what awaits us in the Year of the Water Tiger

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2022 is a Water Tiger Year: On February 1, we entered the Chinese Year of the Water Tiger, to which special tendencies and abilities are attributed. These can give an indication on what themes await us this year – and how we can be aligned with them in the flow of life.

How to analyze a year?

One of the oldest methods of identifying tendencies that help shape our lives comes from ancient China and is known as the Lo Shu. The Lo Shu has been taught and continuously developed for more than 4,000 years. It is also used to make detailed personality analyses, to recognize blockades in life or to determine favorable dates for important events. More about the Lo Shu and my personality analyses…

Numerous modern methods of personality analysis are based on the Lo Shu and are very popular today. Now what themes and tendencies can we expect – based on the findings of the Lo Shu – in the year 2022?

What the Water Tiger stands for

The Tiger is yang in quality and, as a zodiac sign, it is ruled by the element of wood. It possesses great strength, which frequently can hold a potential for stubbornness, rebellion and/or aggression. The Tiger also stands for great growth and the radical courage to transformation processes. At the same time, according to the Chinese horoscope, Tigers are sensitive and highly emotional beings who can feel deep love.

In the cycle of the lunar calendar, the Tiger meets the element of water in 2022. Qualities such as communication and diplomacy, creativity, flexibility and intuition are inherent to the element of water according to the Lo Shu. Also, water is a dynamic element, having a certain docility: Similar to how water follows a riverbed, people in flow with the element of water may be more submissive to following given guidelines.

Life emerges from water and no biological process is possible without water. In the cycle of the 5 elements, water feeds and nourishes the potential of the Tiger in the element of wood – because water is needed to make plants and trees grow.

Cycle of the 5 elements: water nourishes the wood element of the Tiger

Based on the feeding cycle for 2022, we can expect that the characteristics of the Tiger may have a stronger expression this year than in other Tiger years.

Time for transformation, upheaval and tension

With its strong power, the Water Tiger brings new and fresh energy into life. It stands for change and for the fact that many things will (continue to) be in transformation. However, the tiger does not always proceed squeamishly, as his approach is sometimes radical, rebellious and aggressive. It would therefore not be surprising if in 2022 we perceive conflicts, divisions and possibly also (physical or emotional) violence more strongly both in public and in private life.

In summary, the energy of the Water Tiger in the element of wood may increasingly cause tension both internally and externally. It is also possible that many people – and not at least ourselves – will react to it far more sensitively than in recent years. This is due to the fact that a sensitive, intuitive and emotional behavior is inherent to the Tiger zodiac and this characteristics are reinforced by the element of water. In light of this, it is no wonder that after the events of the last two years, many of us are emotionally a bit on edge, which can also lead to stronger emotional outbursts.

This is what Chinese numerology says for 2022

The year 2022 is numerologically characterized by a single number: the number 2, which comes to light in triplicate. In the Lo Shu, 2 represents emotional intelligence, relationship skills, feminine energy and the nurturing element within us. In connection with this are the themes of (digital) communication and networking.

An accumulation of the number 2 additionally indicates that illness and health issues can be strongly in the foreground. If you consider that the Corona crisis has accompanied us since February/March 2020 – the lunar beginning of the first year of the double 2 in the calendar – is is a little bit astonishing, isn’t it 😉?

As a result, it is very likely that both health and health policy issues will keep accompanying us into the future, as the 2020s will continue for a while.

How can we face the Water Tiger Year of 2022?

2022 could be a turbulent and also very exciting year for many of us. On an individual level, the triple 2 aspect indicates that we may be blocking ourselves from growing, transforming and rising above our own limitations. But the good news is: The Tiger won’t let us limit ourselves!

The energy of the Tiger in conjunction with the element of water will strongly drive transformational processes. If we get in the way of these and allow ourselves to be hindered, for example, by fearful ideas, worries about the future or blockades from the outside, we will have a rather difficult time making progress in 2022. So it is advisable to be courageous – and to take action to turn our wishes and ideas into reality. The Water Tiger in the element of wood means great growth, which we may and should take advantage of!

Dissonances on the outside and conflicts on the inside are blockages that need to be overcome. The Tiger challenges us to grow beyond them. Since conflicts can be more emotionally charged in 2022, it may require mental and emotional strength not to jump on the highly emotional bandwagon of the Tiger. Thus, there is a certain tendency this year to instead become further entangled in tensions, divisions, and disputes, rather than freeing ourselves from them. We may keep this in mind and practice equanimity when conflicts arise.

It is also relevant to develop appreciation and empathy towards others who may hold a contrary position in conflicts or discussions. The Tiger is capable of feeling great love – towards everyone and this love should be nurtured. However, keeping a kind and loving attitude does not mean that we must rationally understand the opinions of others or accept them as our own. The Tiger has great strength and stands up for himself. He represents his point of view non-violently in discussions and does not let himself be carried away by his own emotions.

How to strengthen yourself in 2022

Take a breath, especially when tensions arise in your private life or when you notice that a complex situation in the outside world is triggering you. Breathe deeply, stay calm and allow yourself the necessary distance to let your emotions subside before you react. Take a breath and keep a clear head. Continue on the path you have chosen with a courageous heart and feel encouraged to start new projects with a big, open YES. The Water Tiger will support you to the fullest.

Be good to your nervous system and nurture it, because it has had to endure a lot in the last years. Practice resilience and keeping inner peace when things get turbulent in 2022.

Communication – the top skill for 2022 and beyond

The top skill for 2022 and beyond is communication. According to the Lo Shu, in addition to the theme of health/illness, the period of the 2020s is heavily focused on communication and relationships – both large and small. This is also represented by the concentrated power of the number 2. If there is one skill that we may optimize in the coming years, it is our ability to communicate.

Whether it’s politics, the media or other aspects of public life, this year we may focus on observing

  • what is communicated,
  • how it is communicated and, above all
  • how people in public life communicate with each other.

What is true? What is fake? When and why might an important piece of information not be further transmitted to us? And where might the answer be more complex than simply black or white? Which communication patterns are present in the digital world? And how about public discourses? How do leaders communicate with us and how do these communication patterns manifest themselves in the world we live in? There are so many exciting questions around this topic that we are invited to observe and reflect on in 2022.

How to stay in flow on an individual level in 2022

Communication is also the big topic on a personal level in 2022. The Year of the Water Tiger invites you to observe how your partners, family members, friends or colleagues communicate with you. But much more important than that is to question your own communication patterns:

  • What kind of communication do I use when connecting with others?
  • Where do I get in trouble in my communication dynamics with others?
  • Where am I triggered when others communicate with me?
  • What emotions come up when I feel triggered?
  • How can I improve my own communication patterns?

Because last but not least, we can only change ourselves and never other people. Be the person you want to be in this world: We are invited to do this as part of our personal development process – and not just in 2022. In order to dissolve and transform blockages – in communication and beyond – more quickly and efficiently, the door to my success coaching is always open to you.

Stay up to date

Did my comments on 2022 inspire you? Do you have a correction, addition, or comment? I look forward to receiving your feedback on my analysis of the Water Tiger Year 2022.

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Much love & metta, Helene

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