The Water Rabbit Year has arrived: On January 22, we left the Water Tiger Year and moved into the Year of the Water Rabbit. Which themes are predominant in the new year 2023 according to the Chinese calendar? Which energies and tendencies are present? Find out what it takes to enjoy 2023 with more ease, harmony and flow.

Recognize the potentials – and use them

The Chinese Lo Shu is one of the oldest methods to trace tendencies that help shape our lives. It is an excellent way to create a profound personality analysis.

For many of my clients, a detailed Lo Shu analysis is an important step to tap into their own strengths while gaining valuable insight into their shadow sides as well. As a result, they live more successfully, because not only do they recognize their own potentials from new and unexpected angles, but they also use them in an effective way to make their deep desires and life goals become a reality. In addition, the Lo Shu can also be used to determine the tendencies for each year, month and day. Let’s now take a closer look at what awaits us in the Water Rabbit Year 2023. More about the Lo Shu and the personality analysis based on it…

From Yang to Yin

Does it feel to you like 2022 was an intense, powerful and perhaps also quite exhausting year that shook your inner and outer world in many ways? If so, you may be pleased to know that the energies of this year’s Water Rabbit Year is likely to be much calmer. There are mainly 3 reasons for that:

  • 2023 is a Yin year, generally relating to more calmness, introversion and withdrawal.
  • the zodiac sign of the Rabit, meaning that a tender, devoted and cautious animal dominates the year.
  • the cycle of the 5 elements, according to which the earth element of the Rabbit establishes a controlling relationship with Water, which is the element of the year.

The 5 elements in the water rabbit year 2023

We are in for a much gentler Yin year overall shaped by the Rabbit’s pleasant and accommodating character. The Rabbit is not a rebel like the radical Tiger who pushes things to the limit and showed us its powerful strength in the Yang year 2022. Interesting side note: To Lo Shu practitioners it may not be suprprising that the outbreak of the Ukraine conflict coincided with the first month of the Water Tiger year. More on the 2022 Year of the Water Tiger to reflect upon…

The 2023 strategy for your projects

The Yin Year of the Rabbit is characterized by a friendly, accommodating and much gentler energy compared to last year. For new and existing projects, it is recommended to tackle all our issues with dedication and continous efforts, but without too much pressure. If we start pushing too much, we may be slowed down. Compared to the tiger, pressure or a pushy attitude are tools that will probably not work very well with the energies of the rabbit.

If you keep pushing a lot and things do not work out, it feels frustrating on the one hand and costs unnecessary energy on the other hand – even more so, because according to the cycle of the 5 elements, the energy of the Rabbit’s element Earth exerts a controlling effect on the energy of the year, which is Water. This controlling effect drains energy from the earth element, which can also effect our very own energy level this year. According to the cycle of the 5 elements, there is a higher tendency that energy is wasted and too much pressure might turn out to be counterproductive in 2023.

Be gentle and keep going” would therefore be a great strategie to restart or continue pursuing your wishes, goald and projects in the Rabbit year. The Rabit is a animal that can run fast and has a cautious nature. When pursuing your projects with calmness, gentle but steady commitment and without taking too many risks, you will be right on track in 2023.

What does the Chinese numerology show in 2023?

Numerologically, the triple 2 from 2022 is replaced by a double 2 with a 3 in the new year, adding a few new layers to the annual energies.

The double 2 dominating the entire 2020 decade indicates that topics such as communication, networking, emotional intelligence and soft skills continue to be key factors. In case you would like to attend training courses or further transform your life in terms of personal development, these and similar themes are hot topics to set yourself up for success. Throughout the entire 2020 decate, cooperation, networking and exchange will be state-of-the-art approaches. Connect with others to walk parts of the path together.

With the multiple 2 of the decade, health topics will continue to be on the global agenda and they will probably accompany us well into the 2030s. Whether it’s about healthy exercise, mental training, optimization of your diet, sufficient recovery phases among others: There are many small things you can get yourself involved in to actively and prevetively co-create your own individual health. Do you consider taking care of your health as an arduous task or rather as a joyful opportunity to improve your own quality of life? It will be your decision how you relate.

Areas of tension in 2023

The number 3 in the numerology of the year has a tendency to nurture differences and conflicts. However, it also provides the opportunity for big growth both internally and externally.

Due to the fact that the decade of 2020 is a period of (digital) communication, the Rabbit Year may bring along some challenges specifically in this area. Be aware that this year, difficulties may partcularly arise in (mis)communication with fellow human beings and these need to be overcome.

The best tools to navigate these difficulties are

  • non-violent communication,
  • introspection
  • and equanimity.

The Yin Year of the Rabbit invites you to question your own conflicts and communication patterns. Look inside and ask yourself: How do I communicate with people who are important to me? When and how do differences arise? Do I express my anger and if so, what are the results? Do I tend to avoid conflicts instead of addressing them? Which conflicts do I carry inside me? How can I confront and start resolving them? These and similar questions are great to reflect and act upon.

How to resolve differences in the Water Rabbit Year

If you end up in a conflict situation, the Yin Year of the Water Rabbit calls for reflection. We are well advised to first retreat and reflect instead of acting on our emotions straight away and going into immediate reaction. Take your time, allow yourself to feel and find clarity before you react. In comparison to the Tiger Year, this process should be much easier to achieve in 2023 due to the prevalent energies.

Nevertheless, complete withdrawal – i.e. completely avoiding necessary and healing confrontations – will not be a good strategy for 2023. In the long and medium term, this type of avoidance is likely to increase the problems instead of clearing them up. When being hunted, the Rabbit is an agile animal which is capable of changing directions very quickly and thus avoiding enemies quite well. The 3 in the numerology of the year indicates however that issues will most likely not be solved by avoiding them.

Furthermore, the controlling interplay of the elements of Earth and Water slows the Rabbit down. In 2023, he may be a little less quick and nimble enough to avoid conflict. Ask yourself: Do you want to be chased by your inner and outer conflicts like a rabbit and run away? Or might a gentle, clear and non-violent confrontation at eye level not be the better strategy in the long run to lead a life of ease and harmony? In life, many things are beyond our control. BUT: We always have the choice on how we interpret and act upon what is happening.

2023: The year of big growth

Ease is one of the things we are invited to aim for in 2023. The number 3 stands for great growth leading not only to more ease, but also more flow, balance and happiness. By tackling all of your issues and transforming them this year, you  will make a quantum leap towards your deep wishes and desires, to make them become your reality much faster. The Rabbit often tends to act very cautiously and conservatively. Don’t let this approach stop you from addressing your inner blockages. The best time to resolve and transform them is NOW. The fastest way – and the shortcut – to powerfully transform your issues and tap even more into your own power are customized coaching sessions.

Don’t get too much involved into what happened in the past. Leave the sentimental and nostalgic memories that are often inherent in the Rabbit behind. Direct your intention to your future and what you want to achieve.

Great growth lies especially with your courageous resolution of your inner and outer conflicts. 2023 means yet another high-speed level of transformation materially, personally, financially or spiritually. Take advantage of the soft energies to clean up, change and optimize different areas of your life. Be gentle to yourself and others and avoid any unnecessary pressure. Take your time. Invest in yourself.

It will be worth it: The potential of powerful growth provided by the 2023 Water Rabbit will be key for the harvest year 2024. All the seeds you now sow – for good or bad – will grow into what you will harvest from next year on. Therefore, my final recommendation to you and myself:) for today is the following: Reflect and think very carefully about which seeds you would like to sow into the earth this year. What growth (in the sense of the Chinese number 3) do you want to see in the years to come?

May all your seeds grow into a fruitful and exciting harvest!

Much love & metta,

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