Free yourself

& live more successfully!

Spread your wings and fly

What if you could clear all the blockages and achieve all your personal and professional goals? If it only took a few shifts to reach a true peak performance? If you could just spread your wings and fly high? To get the best out of yourself, you do NOT have to

  • constantly fight,
  • battle at your (performance) limits,
  • push through hard,
  • suffer
  • or keep yourself small.

It’s about self-determination and YOUR successes in life. Take advantage of a success coaching now – and quickly reach a higher level of ease, brightness and joy.

Freude zu gelangen.

Dear Helene, regarding my job applications I would like to tell you that the reactions to my CV were unexpected and incredibly positive. Out of 7 applications sent, I received 6 invitations for interviews. This has never happened to me before! Also, 2 additional inquiries came in via LinkedIn. In the end, I had the luxury of being able to choose between 2 very good offers and I even had to turn down one of them! I have already received the contract for the new job. Besides your coaching sessions, my partner and I also regularly did the meditations you gave us to practice on our own. Coincidence or not? Everything fell into place so wonderfully this time… (Cornelia, 43, Switzerland)

Individual coaching – faster results

To master unexpected challenges, we constantly have to transform and re-shape our lives. We do treatments, participate in workshops and sign up for courses to make our life more successful and to

  • reach a better performance level on the job,
  • have more harmonious relationships or
  • optimize physical, emotional and health issues.

Book an individual and tailor-made success coaching now and you make the concentrated power hiding subconsciously within your ally. When moving from the subconscious level to consciousness, your personal life goals and milestones become easily accessible. It is highly on time to make the following commitment:

I will live a happy, successful and harmonious life.

In which situations do I particularly benefit from a success coaching?

In terms of professional or private success, many people feel anything but happy and satisfied. They fall into deep brooding, suffer from emotional or physical stress and feel exhausted. Quite often, symptoms such as sleep disorders and lack of energy emerge. Ideally, it should not get that far in the first place! The following scenarios are examples of situations in which you particularly benefit from success coaching:

  • You want to prepare yourself for an important situation and/or you go through a tranformation process in your life (e.g. a career change, a special private event, an important presentation, a relationship change…) and are ready to remove fear as well as other obstacles related to this situation.
  • You have the feeling that a certain negative situation in your life is constantly repeating itself and feel it is now on time to leave this vicious circle behind you once and for all.
  • You feel a money or money mindset blockade and want to dissolve it in order to get access to the flow of financial abundance for your projects and your life.
  • There is a topic from the past that hinders you to fully embrace the present and lead a life of wellbeing and ease.
  • You have a professional topic that burdens you and that you no longer want to drag with you day in and day out – e.g. a problem with a supervisor, colleague or in the work environment.

In all these and many other cases, a success coaching will be your right choice. Do you have a specific theme and you are not sure if it is suitable for coaching? Then feel free to contact me to talk about it freely and without any further obligation. Find out how a coaching session works…

Success & ease at quantum speed

Success coaching powered by helene.moves is like the “fast track” at the airport or on the motorway. It is a tried and tested and extremely effective method to release blockages and quickly get into the flow state. This way, whatever you want to achieve becomes part of your reality much faster. Success coaching means experiencing transformation at quantum speed.

The practices used are acknowledged worldwide to empower you so that you reach

  • a higher peak performance,
  • more focus & creativity,
  • improved brain performance
  • and thus also more success

in life. Your customized success coaching powered by helene.moves can be booked in a package of either 3, 5 or 10 sessions. This coaching is for you if you want to become the best version of yourself, live more stress-free and get access to a high level of energy & flow for your professional & private projects. Why wait for a brighter future when you can take it into your own hands? 🙂