Harmonious relationships

at all levels

More harmony and happines with relationship coaching

Create more joyful dynamics with those around you by taking advantage of relationship coaching. Interpersonal relationships are one of the biggest factors for happiness, health and joy. What if

  • conflicts, quarrels and tensions within the family become a thing of the past?
  • you could significantly improve and create a more beautiful relationship with your partner and other people you love?
  • you could free yourself from patterns related to your past and transform old issues in a powerful way?
  • you could solve problems with or for your child in a gentle and efficient way?
  • you could bring the fulfilling relationship you desire into your life?

Welcome to the relationship coaching by helene.moves.

When the emotional baggage weighs you down

We all have old patterns, emotional backpacks and deep wounds that we carry in our dynamics with other people. Especially when we feel emotional and we love a person – like a partner, child, parent or close friend – negative dynamics often arise that block us and create suffering. Our need for harmony, happiness, security and ease is suddenly no longer met. Many people feel as if something is being withheld from them. What follows is usually criticism, argument, justification, or even withdrawal. These experiences are very painful and move us deeply down to the core of our essence.

The good news is: It is possible at any time and in all situations in life to transform relationships so that you experience more harmony, fulfillment, peaceful moments and happiness in life when sharing moments with the people close to you. Thanks to professional relationship coaching, your relationships are (again) based on more security, trust and sustainability.

Transform your projection traps with relationship coaching

We often tend look for our happiness in the outside world. We blame parents, partners, children or colleagues for our suffering and make them responsible for our joy. Unconsciously we project our own individual issues onto our counterparts. This projection is usually a protective mechanism which keeps us from having to feel the pain within ourselves. Such behavior, however, is not only toxic, but also costs an incredible amount of strength and energy. On the one hand we keep suppressing our own pain, while on the other hand time we try hard to make the other person change so that everything will be “okay”.

Of course you know: It is not possible to change other people. The only person you can change is yourself. That’s why happiness and good relationships always start within YOU. What if instead of blame and accusations you could actively take responsibility and transform all your relationships into positive experiences?

Let toxic relationship patterns become a thing of the past

Life is too short to spend it in worry, sorrow, stress or fear. The assumption that you have to solve all your proplems yourself is unjustified and outdated. An individually tailored relationship coaching helps to save lots of stress, time and energy. Instead, you move at high speed towards positive transformations and a brighter reality in terms of

  • parent-child-dynamics,
  • romantic relationships,
  • dealing with loss,
  • relationships with your own parents or ancestors,
  • difficult friendships,
  • problems with superiors or colleagues at work.

Every fulfilling relationship starts with YOURSELF. Break old patterns now and step into change with an open heart. It is time to draw a line under stressful relationship dynamics and instead live in trust, harmony and love with your fellow favorite humans. Take the first step now to live fulfilling relationships at eye level and with ease.