Know Your Self

and take advantage of your true potentials for a better life

Know yourself – live more successfully

Experience the power of a professional personality analysis. What if we knew our own strengths, potentials and areas of development or those of other people? If we could use this knowledge to foster our strengths, compensate for weaknesses and achieve the best possible results? If we lived, loved and worked more joyfully, abundantly and successfully? What would you be able to achieve in relationships, at work & in life, if you lived up to your highest potential?

Helene’s analysis has confirmed many things that have only been subconsciously clear to me before. In addition, it has uncovered many new aspects that have steered my life into positive directions after just a few days and weeks. When involved in Helene’s coachings, one can immediately feel that she is passionate about the cause and each of her customers. I really appreciate that there are people like her who always meet customers at eye level. (Lucretia, 42, Austria)

The Chinese Lo Shu is more than 4,000 years old and one of the most effective tools for analyzing your personality. Furthermore, it may be used to develop a more harmonious coexistence with other people or to determine favorable dates for important events.

The Lo Shu offers powerful insights on your questions

Many state-of-the-art methods of personality analysis are based on the ancient knowledge of Lo Shu. This eye-opening tool helps you find answers to the following questions:

  • Who am I beyond the social conditioning, when I do not try to meet the demands of others?
  • What are my success factors, strengths, areas of development and hidden potentials?
  • How can I use them beneficially in relationships, at work and in everyday life?
  • Which factors influence my relationships with other people and what can I do to improve the dynamics?
  • How can I as a parent optimally support my child?
  • Which occupational fields correspond to my professional potential?
  • How can I as an entrepreneur or team leader increase the efficiency and cooperation among my staff members or colleagues?
  • How can I take decisions that improve my quality of life?

The powerful tool of Lo Shu will shed light on these questions and many others. Are you ready to dive deep into your own personality?

In which situations is a Lo Shu analysis helpful?

A Lo Shu analysis is particularly suitable in the folllowing three situations:

  1. You feel like you have reached a point in life where you are stagnating and do not know how to move on, professionally or privately.
  2. You want to get to know your personal & natural potentials and use the gained knowledge to make your life (even) happier, freer and more successful.
  3. You want to take a closer look at and improve your relationships with others.

It does not matter whether you are new to personal development work or whether you have already come a long way: Let yourself be surprised by the secrets that Lo Shu brings to light. You will be amazed!

Dear Helene, I would like to tell you that after our Lo Shu coaching a lot has moved in me. I was able to implement some things immediately in the first days after our session. It is incredibly exciting! The Lo Shu is an incredible gift! (Claudia, 44, Germany)

What are the goals of a Lo Shu personality analysis?

The goal of a personality analysis with the Lo Shu is self-knowledge. It gives insight into your individual strengths, potentials & possibilities and supports you in making optimal use of them to generate more success, love, prosperity & abundance in life. In addition, it often provides more acceptance, serenity and also more clarity in decision-making processes.

The Lo Shu personality analysis can also help to better understand your behavior patterns and dynamics in relationships with others – e.g. family members, partners, colleagues or employees. By aligning your actions with this knowledge and developing a higher understanding, your relationships will significantly improve.

What is the Lo Shu and where does it come from?

Each Lo Shu analysis is a unique process tailored to your very individual personality. The starting point is your date of birth, on the basis of which all figures and information relevant for the analysis are calculated. In line with astrology, it is the time of birth that forms part of your personal uniqueness. That is why the ancient knowledge of Lo Shu is often referred to as “Chinese astrology”.

In Europe, the Lo Shu chart is also known as the “magic square”. It represents a complex three-by-three square including the numbers from 1 to 9. If the square is completely filled with numbers, the result is always 15, provided that three numbers are added horizontally, vertically or diagonally. However, the Lo Shu of every person is never equally filled and instead may contain blank spaces and/or multiple numbers. Besides, there is a range of additional factors and calculations that is included in a profound Lo Shu personality analysis.

In general, the Lo Shu reflects the interaction of a human being in flow with the 5 Chinese elements, namely wood, fire, earth, metal and water. It describes all natural potentials and abilities carried within since the time of your birth and which you can now use for your own benefit as well as the benefit of others – if you want. Each number and every space stands for different aspects of your personality. At the same time, everything is related to everything. As a result, a professional Lo Shu analysis is quite complex, yet also very detailed and accurate. Let yourself be surprised…

What distinguishes the Lo Shu from other models?

The creation of a Lo Shu analysis is not a standardized process. It is not possible to do a complete analysis by using computer algorithms only and get the results at the push of a button. This is due to the fact that the meaning of the numbers is only revealed through in-depth study, intensive analysis and taking into account your very personal life story.

Connecting the Lo Shu to your individual story allows to go on a much deeper level and bring your hidden potentials to the surface. This way, concrete points of action related to your very own individual self are uncoverd, which you are able to take advantage of for your future life path. As such, each Lo Shu analysis is a special, unique & highly individual handicraft.

How does a Lo Shu personality analysis exactly work?

A professional Lo Shu analysis consists of three steps:

  1. Calculation and in-depth analysis of your personal numbers based on you date of birth
  2. Detailed coaching call (90 mins) to connect the results of the Lo Shu with your personal story
  3. Detailed compendium providing you with concrete points of action to implement into your everyday life for more abundance, wealth & flow

Are you interested in a personality analysis based on the Lo Shu? I look forward to hearing from you!