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Here is how a coaching session works

How does a coaching session actually work?

    Welcome! I feel so happy that you are interested in a helene.moves coaching session and congratulate you on this first step, which already holds a great transformation potential in itself. This is due to the fact that YOU have decided to look for ways supporting you to release blockages and align your life for more success, abundance and well-being.

    But how does a coaching session actually work? Learn everything you need to know about the coaching process here, and also how you can best benefit from it so that your transformation will not only be faster, but also significantly more profound and successful.

    How long does a coaching session last?

    It is possible to do coaching sessions personally with me on site or online. I offer packages of either 3, 5 or 10 sessions that you can book with me. Each of my coaching sessions is specifically tailored to your personal needs and life themes.

    Usually a session lasts around 1.5 hours, depending on your individual experience. If this is your very first session, then I recommend you to ideally reserve a slot of 2 to 2.5 hours, so that you can relax after the session in case we take up the maximum amount of time.

    Is there anything to consider before the session?

    A major key to success is that you don’t show up rushed or stressed to your coaching appointment. Instead, you want to take some time to mentally prepare before our meeting takes place. Imagine spending some casual time in the locker room before a sports or yoga session to change your clothes and leave your everyday life behind. Then you slowly move into the exercise room just in time before the actual workout starts.

    My recommendation is that you schedule such a minimum amount of time for yourself before our session starts.

    How we start into your coaching experience

    We begin each coaching session with a conversational check-in lasting about 15 to 30 minutes. During the check-in we find out

    • where you currently stand with your life themes,
    • what has happened as a result of the previous coaching sessions and
    • there is also time for your questions and concerns.

    After the check-in, we start the journey into your subconscious and the world of your soul.

    Theta brainwaves are key

    In about 90% of my coaching sessions we work in the so-called theta brainwave state. This means that your brainwaves vibrate at a frequency of 4 to 8 Hz – and as such much slower than in the concentrated waking state (> 8 Hz). In most cases it will be our goal that your brain reaches this state very quickly.

    One special feature of the theta brainwave state is that you relax extremely effectively and quickly, while your subconscious is highly active at the same time. Theta waves allow for blockages and old memories to emerge to the surface of your consciousness. In addition, they also stimulate your creativity. As a result, the areas of your brain that house memories and creative thinking become especially active in the theta brainwave state.

    How does the theta brainwave state look like for me personally?

    I guide you into the theta brainwave state by applying a special mix of bodywork, breathing and mental training techniques. During the session, you sit upright in a chair in a meditative posture and keep your eyes closed. At any time of the coaching you are in full control. You

    • are 100% responsive,
    • have full authority to make decisions and
    • can of course leave the theta brainwave state at any time if you wish to do so.

    Apart from coaching sessions in the theta brainwave state, other mental and coaching techniques may also be used during a session. They can be applied either alternatively or additionally. Due to the fact that every coaching session is tailored to your particular needs, the choice of tools is also 100% dependent on your individual personality and situation.

    How and when does a coaching session end?

    The experience and length of a coacing session is different for each person and, as mentioned, depends on your personal experience. Each coaching session holds a highly transformative potential that will positively impact your life.

    Most of my clients feel when the time is come for them to complete a session and leave the theta brainwave state. But don’t worry if you don’t: As your guide I am of course also the time keeper. You can fully concentrate on your experience and do not need to keep the timing at check. This way we make sure that there are no collisions if you have any other appointments after our session.

    How to get the optimum out of a session

    After a coaching session you may feel energized, relaxed, released, noticeably lighter or tired. As always, the experience is completely individual. To get the most out of each session, I recommend that you take some time to relax after the coaching is completed, before moving your attention back to your daily agenda. Drink a good amount of warm water after the session and also during the following days.

    Furthermore, one of the most important key factors for success is YOUR commitment and active engagement to keep shaping your transformation. You are no longer the victim of external circumstances, but a powerful designer of your own life. Within the framework of my coaching sessions, it is therefore my absolute goal to equip you with individual tools and routines to integrate into your everyday life.

    Be a powerful creator

    Self-empowerment is an important milestone in the work that we do together. The more you take responsibility for your transformation and support yourself in creating positive changes outside of our sessions, the better, faster and more successful the outcomes you will experience.

    The best time to start your transformation is NOW. I look forward to being your guide on this exciting journey.