Heart-Point: How to activate more joy & abundance for your life

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Experience the power of a heart-point in your home, office, business or wherever you are.

What if you could…

  • feel and experience more love, harmony, happiness and well-being in your life?
  • be at ease and yet fully committed to live the life you really want?
  • easily strengthen the feelings of happiness, connection, abundance and contentment and accelerate the process to make all your wishes come true faster?
  • contribute to increase the heart energy and loving kindness on our planet?
  • use a simple tool to improve your life within a short amount of time?

Activating a heart-point in your environment will do just that. Use this powerful technique now for your own home or business premises.

“Following the Global Heart-Point Activation Event, I set up a heart-point in my home. Since this day I have noticed a lighter air within my apartment. People who tended to bring kind of a negative energy now seem much calmer and settled, sparing us unnecessary arguments. Ever since, beautiful incidents have happened both at work and in my private life. I am really grateful for having been part of the Global Heart-Point Activation Event and I look forward to further workshops and events!” (Lucretia, Austria)

What is a heart-point?

A heart-point is an energetic power zone sending, receiving and storing joyful and loving heart energy. Whatever you send out into the world always returns back to you like a boomerang. The heart-point will support you in nurturing good thoughts, feelings and intentions in your world and surroundings.

As a powerful transmitter and receiver, it is nurturing your soul, sending out loving heart energy into your environment. It is a great amplifier of high vibrating energies. As such, the heart-point strengthens your well-being, increases the high vibrational energy in your premises and supports you in achieving your goals and deep desires throughout all areas of life.

Who needs a heart-point?

Let’s be honest: Every human being is in need of more safety, harmony and warm feelings of joy throughout the intense and often stressful everyday life. It is time to strengthen and expand love and heart energy in this world. Activated heart-points in all parts of the world are the ideal support to

  • let life blossom.
  • be prepared for future challenges.
  • meet the constant change in the world with courage and joy.

And this is not just all about you: When activating a heart-point in your surroundings, it will not only affect you, but also your family, your loved ones, your environment and all beings on this planet.

Activate a heart-point now and become part of the global movement

The goal of the Global Heart-Point Activation Event is to have thousands of people all over the world activate a heart-point in their homes, businesses and in their environment, to send out constant love energy into this world. Activating a heart-point does not only have personal benefits: It serves the planet and humanity as a whole.

You are the creative designer of your very own life and thus of the world. Change your perspective now, take destiny into your own hands and be part of the next, free Global Heart-Point Activation Event. Together we send more harmony, loving heart energy, empathy and joy into the world – for the benefit of all, on all levels of consciousness.

Whatever you send out into the world reflects back to you

Experience the profound effects of activated heart energy in your home, your business and wherever you go. Be part of the movement and register now for the next Global Heart-Point Activation Event…

I look forward to activating a powerful heart-point for your own home soon!

Much love & metta, Helene

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