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Support your healing processes

Coaching for more health, vitality and well-being

With Health Coaching, you support the most important person in your life: YOU.

Let’s be honest: Health is the biggest asset we have in this life. It is our most valuable, personal resource. Without it, nothing works. What would life be without our health? Without health, is impossible for us to

  • lead an active, powerful and agile life.
  • feel full of energy and reach peak performance.
  • work and act productively.
  • take care of the people we love.
  • enjoy our life time to the fullest.

Health is…simply everything!

I have been suffering from migraines for over 20 years, often linked to my menstrual cycle, but not always. My migraines have remained consistent whether I was in shape or not, whether I ate healthily or not, whether I slept well or not, whether I was properly hydrated or not. I had accepted medication as a companion for life. With Helene’s 5 weeks of individual coaching, we managed to achieve an 80% reduction in the number of migraines and that decrease has remained long-term since we finshed working together. It has provided me with a significant increase in quality of life, as before there were usually 25 to 30 days per year where I was in pain. I have been able to reduce my consumption of anti-inflammatories and pain killers. I am so glad we did this work together, as I am more productive and more comfortable in my day-to-day life! (Georgina, 38, Switzerland)

We live in times of a high life expectancy, but our quality of life is declining due to chronic diseases, long-term ailments and new types of health issues. Last but not least, the current demographics in Europe – consisting of many old and rather few young people – are increasingly pushing our healthcare systems to the limits. Health continuously craves more of our attention and personal care. The good news is:

There are many things we can do to take charge of our own health.

Get active for your well-being and your health

In recent years, the concept of health has considerably changed. Today, we no longer understand “health” as the mere absence of illnesses and ailments. Rather, we consider it to be a holistic combination of physical, psychological, mental and spiritual well-being. Why does this view make sense?

We now know that numerous complex diseases – such as depression, cardiac and autoimmune diseases or cancer, to name just a few – in many cases cannot be cured with a single standard treatment method any longer. There is strong evidence that such complex clinical pictures are triggered by an individual combination of physical, genetic, mental, environmental and social factors. As a result, this makes it extremely difficult to find a single treatment which is equally applicable to all people.

Due to the enormous complexity, Western science is increasingly looking outside the box and recognizing the need for holistic approaches that incorporate different factors of healing. Step by step, alternative healing methods are used as valuable additions to classical disease treatment. In this respect, ancient practices such as Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda (and others) are being re-discovered.

Support your healing processes

The helene.moves Health Coaching program follows a holistic and 100% individual approach with one single goal: to optimally support you in your healing processes. It is my vision that every person has access to the knowledge that makes him or her healthier and above all keeps you better in the long run.

I want you to get the best possible support to apply this knowledge directly to your life, so that you not only increase your health and reduce symptoms of illness, but also gain (back) more joy of life, more energy and more well-being.

When and why Health Coaching?

With Health Coaching, we optimize your individual healing processes. My colleagues and I have already achieved numerous, very positive and in many cases astonishing results. Common examples are:

  • You want to accelerate your healing after an operation or an accident.
  • You are suffering from a long-term, complex disease and want to stimulate new healing processes.
  • No other therapy has worked so far with regard to your symptoms.
  • You suffer from sleep problems or struggle with fatigue that just won’t get better.
  • You want to optimally prepare yourself for a planned operation or other medical intervention in order to recover more quickly afterwards.

I am here to support you in transforming your health issues in these and many other cases.

What to expect from my Health Coaching?

I would like to point out that my methods complement the classical health care system, but do not replace it. Also, my coaching is not a psychotherapeutic treatment or trauma recovery. Therefore, please clarify all relevant information regarding your health condition with a qualified medical practitioner or therapist first.

This is a customized program tailored to your personal health issues. We work 100% discreetly and always 1:1 – so just you and me. Within the framework of my Health Coaching, a mix of different methods and techniques is used. It responds to your individual needs and depending on the situation, it will be flexibly adapted at all times.

In addition, you will also receive exercises to carry out and practice at home, such as breathing exercises, affirmations, nutrition tips, visualization techniques and others. Your active participation is key and the level of success depends on YOUR personal commitment. Be ready to stand up for yourself, transform your lifestyle – and stick to your new routines. Health in many ways means also that you regularly take care of the most important person in your life. And this is YOU.

How long does the Health Coaching program last?

Your investment in your health and well-being is 7 x 7 days, i.e. a total of 7 weeks. 49 days is, by the way, also the time frame that the ancient Chinese traditionally assigned to achieve profound transformational processes. 🙂 It is an optimal time frame to

  • identify and apply the ideal coaching mix for you.
  • achieve and experience first results.
  • implement new routines in your life.

Health Coaching by helene.moves will not only give you knowledge and skills, but also the necessary self-confidence to actively participate in your own health. After completing the 7-week coaching program, you have the option to continue your Health Coaching on a monthly basis, if you wish to do so.

The ideal time to take care of your own well-being is NOW. You only have a once-in-a-lifetime health. Literally. Make it worth while.