More harmony, success & flow in your surroundings

Increase your quality of life with Geomancy

What if the places we spend our time at automatically

  • and sustainably increase health, success and well-being in life and in business?
  • create more harmony among all the people living or working there?
  • show a reduced risk of accidents and problems (e.g. in both daily life and at construction works)?
  • promote our mental and emotional stability, so that we have a better focus, act more cooperatively and are more successful?

The powerful tools of Geomancy make it all possible.

    Why we feel so much better in some places than in others

    You may have had a first-hand experience of the following situation: Once you entered a new apartment or office building for the first time, you felt completely welcomed and at ease there within seconds. Maybe you have a favorite café that you love returning to, because the vibes there feel really good? Or maybe it happened to you that you visited a new company for the first time during a job interview and you “somehow” immediately sensed a productive and pleasant atmosphere there?

    On the other hand, you may have ended up in a situation where you stepped over the threshold of a certain house for the first time and the environment felt constricting, heavy and uncomfortable – despite the fact that the house looks really beautiful at first glance. Maybe you also noticed a strange smell that reinforced your impression. What is the reason for all these obersvances? The key is Geomancy.  

    Take advantage of Geomancy for more well-being, abundance and flow

    As humans, we are very sensitive beings – some of us a bit more than others. We all, however, respond to situations in the outside world and can sense even the most subtle energetic vibrations. Many peole can feel it on a subconsious level, when they visit a place where e.g. a family house or store is located nowadays used to be a historical war site or burial ground. This is due to the fact that the frequencies of these events are still present to this day.

    While Feng Shui is dedicated to the harmonization and ideal design of indoor as well as outdoor spaces, Geomancy optimizes the consciousness of the land your house, garden or company is built on. It is based on the notion that the earth as an organic system stores memories and accumulates blockages in a similar way than humans, animals and plants do. These blockages – called fault zones – have an influence on our health and well-being. Fault zones can be caused e.g. by water lines, explosions, strong electric frequencies or underground accumulation of gases, but also by historical legacies of previous inhabitants and past events.

    Many ancient cultures were aware of the energy fields of the earth. They used Geomancy for example to erect important buildings at places of power that nurtured vitality, success as well as flow and strongly favored the achievement of certain goals. Today, this valuable knowledge is experiencing a rediscovery, as we keep understanding continuously better how energy and matter are interconnected.

      Geomancy releases blockages in your environment

      Geomancy offers solutions for a new time and increases your quality of life. The course is set for you to achieve your goals much faster and more efficiently. Geomancy can provide explanations as to why

      • you keep having difficulties and disputes with neighbors or colleagues at work seemingly out of the blue.
      • you continuously suffer from health problems or sleep disorders, despite leading a healthy lifestyle.
      • your business does not get off the ground, while similar businesses at different locations are overrun with customers.
      • your property – despite its great location – is difficult to sell or is subject to constant changes of tenants for no apparent reason.

      It is now time to put an end to aggression, disputes, constant failures and the risks of a burnout. Instead, you can benefit from balanced and powerful living spaces that support you on a daily basis and provide more balance, health and vitality on a longterm basis. How a Geomancy project works…

      Boost well-being and harmony in your living spaces and work environments

      Every place and every property has their own dynamics. Spending an extended amount of time in fault zones such as unbalanced sleeping areas or disharmonious work spaces creates ongoing tensions in your environment. Furthermore, fault zones can drain your body of valuable strength and energy. As a result, your mental and emotional well-being gets our of balance, decreasing the resistance of your immune system.

      Geomancy transforms your property, home or office space into a place of inner strength, peace and harmony, so that you and all people around you can

      • experience more health, vitality and well-being.
      • benefit from a healthy home and an energy-boosting work environment.
      • get a greater amount of extraordinary achievements done within a shorter amount of time.
      • take advantage of more mental and emotional stability and thus are able to focus better.
      • reach their goals with more ease and flow.

      Geomancy offers exciting methodologies for a new time, making a beneficial impact on you and your environment, so that positive and fruitful developments are stimulated on a deep level.

      Get your upgrade to the next level with Geomancy NOW

      Geomancy is the art of harmonizing living spaces in correlation with the deep desires of humanity on both individual and general levels – for the benefit of all living beings on all levels of consciousness. It has emerged out of the need to create a harmonious relationship between humans, nature and all living beings.

      In line with my holistic coaching, my Geomancy offer is based on the mission of creating the necessary conditions for a sustainably happier and successful life according to your personal requirements. By harmonizing fault zones and activating individual power points such as a heart-point, you take your evolutionary leap to the next level.