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Living an extraordinary life…

You are the powerful creator of your own world. Personal development is the tool to provide you with a fulfilling life at your own terms. Why wait for happiness, abundance and prosperity, when you can already head out into an extraordinary life today, here and now? An extraordinary life means leading life at your own terms. YOU decide how you will live and what the individual success factors are. You move closer

  • to your deepest wishes, needs & ideas
  • and free yourself from mental & emotional blockages.

In short: You live a life that fills you with joy, connectedness, meaningfulness and a lot of energy.

Personality development: Be a voice. Not an echo.

Don’t rely on the outside world to take care of your wellbeing. It will create suffering in your life. You have always the option to consciously take life into your own hands and create happiness from within.

My coaching with Helene has shown me new potentials, which I will now put into action. Some matters we addressed were subconsciously clear to me, but I would not have been able to articulate and make use of them without the analysis we did. Now I have a greater level of awareness and I can take the next steps. I highly recommend Helene’s coaching! (Cornelia, 42, Switzerland)

You are never the victim, but always the creator of your own circumstances. Your view on life is responsible for how you feel in connection with the outside world. What you feel, think and do determines your everyday life at every given moment. Your inner emotional world controls your life’s story and it also has a great influence on the people around you. If you feel frustrated, stagnant, anxious, upset or powerless, these emotions will also be reflected in your relationships, at work, and throughout your life – and only YOU can change that. It is in your hands to invite joy, fulfillment, success and well-being into your life. Take the first step with a personality analysis or book a a success coaching to free yourself from any blockages you experience in your life right now.

Free yourself – with personality development

Are you tired of ending up in the same painful situations over and over again? Are you stagnating? Have you had enough of

  • feeling doubt, frustration or anger with regard to certain aspects of your life?
  • having to push continuously to make things happen?
  • compensating, accepting & adjusting all the time to needs that don’t suit you?

Let’s be honest: The time to bring this unfortunate wheel to a standstill is NOW. Wouldn’t it be worth while and head out into a better future without looking back?

Change your inner world – transform your life

The journey is so much easier when having support and powerful tools by your side. I am happy to be your guide when it comes to removing blockages, getting clarity on your questions and aligning your future towards more fulfillment, joy, prosperity and flow. Together we look at your life’s topics and take individual & unconventional paths to move you forward.

Your good energy as well as mental & emotional strength will also have a positive effect on your relationships, work and life. All it takes is your willingness to head out on an inner adventure and take the first step. The best time to start out is NOW.

Attention: This coaching is not for everyone

Personality development by helene.moves is not a standard program that fits all. Instead, every single session is 100% tailored to your personal situation and specific challenges.

What distinguishes my approach from others is a holistic aspect. With helene.moves you get access to a unique, unconventional and exciting range of tools that support you to overcome anger, empty feelings, frustration, setbacks, fears and other blockages. In addition to well-established coaching methods & energy work from the ancient traditions of Taoism, a wide spectrum of other tools including meditation, breathing and movement techniques form part of our joint sessions.

My coaching is clearly not for everyone. And beware – it could significantly change your life for the better. 🙂


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