Feng Shui

for vital living & work spaces

Feng Shui nurtures positive developments in your home and business

Feng Shui changes your home, business or garden lastingly and effectively for the better like nothing else. “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us,” Winston Churchill once said. How true! Your living and work spaces will not only look different. They will rather have a completely different feel on top of that.

I have had sleep issues for a long time and tried a few remedies that did not work. Helene shared with me her advice on Feng Shui as well as Geomancy and explained me what to do to improve my sleep. I followed her instructions and decided to give it a try. After a while I realized that I have been sleeping much better and also throughout the whole night, so that I wake up very restfully. I am very appreciative of her advice and help. It has made a huge difference to my rest and peace. (Vanitha, 53, South Africa)

Re-charge your batteries at home and at work

Think about it:

  • Which one is your favourite spot at home or at work, where you can completely relax and increase your energy level?
  • Is there a cozy corner or a comfortable sofa in your home, where you like to unwind in the evenings?
  • Do you have a kitchen table around which the whole family gathers on weekends to share a meal and have a good time?
  • Where in the office do colleagues gather to take a moment of relaxation and recharge their batteries for an active day at work?

What if…

  • you could design your office, home or garden in such a way that your living and work spaces continuously provide you with more strength, balance and energy?
  • the spaces you spend time in every day automatically support you to live healthier, act more productively and have happier relationships?
  • both private guests and corporate clients feel much more comfortable in your premises and everyone involved benefits from a more harmonious atmosphere and more successful cooperations?

With professional Feng Shui these wishes become your new reality.

    Live more harmoniously, work more successfully and live healthier

    If you have ever come across Feng Shui before, you will certainly know that it is not just an Asian interior design theory, in the course of which some pieces of furniture are re-arranged. Rather, Feng Shui enhances your home and work places holistically on physical, mental and energetic levels.

    While Geomancy deals with harmonizing earth energies, Feng Shui is all about optimizing and ideally designing the spaces in which you live and work every day. Its goal is to ensure a vital energy level as well as a high amount of oxygen in functional spaces by

    • a harmonious design of your living and work spaces.
    • correct placement of furnishings and plants.
    • optimal management of energy flows.
    • using appropriate remedies according to your individual requirements.

    Feng Shui moves the life energy qi to the desired locations in your home or office and collects it where it is lost. As a result, you live healthier, work more productively and have beautiful relationships on all levels with more ease. How a Feng Shui consultation works…

    Rooms that enhance your performance

    It is possible to get the optimum out of any living or work environment. For sure you can re-collect the following situation: To have a high level of resilience and lead a healthy life, a good amount of energy is needed. It takes a high level of qi to react calmly, act dynamically and be successful in all areas of life. If this is not the case, the following problems can occur:

    • Despite sufficient sleep you feel exhausted in the morning, sleep restlessly or lie awake for a long time during the night.
    • Family members or work colleagues are unbalanced, stressed or show overreactions and have difficulties to focus.
    • There are frequent health problems within the family or a high amount of sick leave at the company.
    • There is constant unrest and everyday life is characterized by disputes and dissonance.

    By releasing blockages and directing the flow of qi, Feng Shui sets positive developments in your home or company in motion. Furthermore, it can be used to specifically harmonize and strengthen private or professional issues, such as partnership and family, finances or successful cooperations.

    Many adjustments have a strong effect that you will quickly feel and notice.

      From your private home to peak performance at work

      Professionally and individually arranged Feng Shui promotes vitality, good health, peaceful dynamics and greater satisfaction in your home and at work. In addition, it supports you to achieve peak performance, success and prosperity.

      The latter applies even more to work and business. No matter if you are a single entrepreneur, start-up, medium-sized enterprise or global player: Subtle factors are becoming increasingly important in the business sector to execute successful operations. They are relevant for both attracting the best employees – and keeping them in your company on a long-term basis.

        Discover the power of business Feng Shui

        In times of many job vacancies and few suitable applicants, forward-thinking company managers know that a good salary is no longer enough to keep employees on board. Rather, job seekers all over the world are increasingly attaching important to the overall concept and identity of their future work place. Aspects such as beneficial new-work environments, sustainability, meaningful cooperations, health benefits as well as finding a purpose one can identify with are the USPs a company must consider today when positioning itself on the labor market.

        Feng Shui is able to create environments that thouch people on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It helps employees feel more balanced and work more productively, resulting in a higher customer satisfaction, too.

        Feng Shui is your key to success at home and in business

        It business as well as in private life, it is more relevant than ever to combine architecture, interior design, light concepts, plants and coloers to re-establish human being back into the center of their own living and work environments. Experience the beneficial effects of Feng Shui in your own home, office or garden. Notice how it feels when your space is energetically sustainable and emotionally touching.

        Get more success, health, flow and satisfaction today right where you live and work. Ignite your highest potential and enjoy spaces supporting you in all your personal matters. Now is the time to get going.