I am Helene

Your companion for business & personal success

What I am passionate about

Moving people and businesses forward is what I am passionate about. I want you to walk through life and run your business with more success, joie de vivre, energy and ease.

Why you want to work with me

What distinguishes me from other professionals is a holistic perspective. Together we shed light on your personal and professional topics from all angles by using powerful tools and out-of-the-box approaches.

It is time to take action and start moving towards a bright future. Your success is close to my heart.

Supporting healthy businesses…

I frequently consult with Helene on marketing matters and pick her brain on strategic questions. Her clear view of the big picture as well as her economic background and knowledge are extremely helpful in the development of our projects. (Stefan Larndorfer, CEO, sequality software engineering)

With my skill set, I help your thoughts transform into real projects, products and events, creating added value, abundance and flow in everything you do.

… & people

Do you know who you really are? Who you want to be? How you really want to live, love or work? You can find the answers to these questions. All that it takes is your openness & willingness to face the person closest to you: YOURSELF.  You are a powerful creator and choose to live the life you want. As your personal development consultant, I accompany you on this path, providing exciting and fun tools to help you live better, faster, more easily and freely. Allow yourself to dive deep into tranformation and live up to your highest potentials!

Who I am and what inspires me

All my life, a part of me has lived in a parallel universe or otherworld. I see, feel and work with people and companies by taking advantage of a holistic approach and my 6th sense, to guide them to powerful transformation, abundance, ease & flow. The artist Markéta Irglová puts into words what inspires me in my work:

(I am inspired by) the experience of being human. With all our flaws, and the trials we go through. The love we have the capacity to experience. Our journey of inner growth, out of separation and back into oneness.

I love nature, exercise, fresh air, deep conversations & connections as well as cooking and eating well.

Lifelong learning is my constant companion

In addition to two university degrees – in languages and in business – I have 20+ years of professional experience in, with and for different companies, organizations, self-employed people and private individuals. I am also co-author of a book on online marketing and SEO.

With more than 1,000 hours of training with numerous international coaches & teachers in the areas of bodywork, coaching, philosophy, economics, holistic health and spirituality, I am at your side in both personal & business development processes. Lifelong learning is what drives me, and what you also benefit from.

With my skills, experience & energy, I am 100% committed to your projects & ideas.