I am Helene

Your guide on the path towards more flow in business & personal life

What I am passionate about

Supporting people and businesses to generate more flow is what I am passionate about. Releasing blockages is the goal of my work and coaching offerings, so that you are empowered to walk through life and run your business with more success, joie de vivre, energy and ease.

Your success is close to my heart. It is time to take action now and start moving towards a bright future.

Why working with me is different

What distinguishes me from other coaches and consultants is a holistic view, which is reflected in a broad spectrum of renowned, out-of-the-box and sometimes also unusual methodologies. In addition to holding two university degrees – in languages and business administration – I have been heavily involved with various body, mental, as well as energy work practices for 20+ years and keep working with people and businesses in these areas for almost 10 years.

By taking advantage of a powerful tool set consisting of physical, mental, emotional as well as energetic techniques, we will illuminate your personal and professional issues from all perspectives and oftentimes move outside the box of regular coaching activities.

Who I am and what inspires me

All my life, an essential part of me has been living in a parallel universe or otherworld. As a coach and consultant I see, feel and work with people and companies by taking advantage of a holistic approach and my 6th sense. I guide business and private clients alike to release blockages and generate quantum transformation, abundance, ease and flow. The artist Markéta Irglová puts into words what inspires me in my work:

(I am inspired by) the experience of being human. With all our flaws, and the trials we go through. The love we have the capacity to experience. Our journey of inner growth, out of separation and back into oneness.

I love nature, movement, fresh air, deep conversations, authentic connections, both (latin) sounds and being in stillness as well as cooking and eating well.

Lifelong learning is my constant companion

With more than 1,000 hours of training with numerous international coaches & teachers in the areas of bodywork, coaching, philosophy, economics, holistic health, metaphysics and spirituality, I am at your side in both personal & business development processes.

From the bottom of my heart I feel deeply grateful to all my teachers and guides – especially Grandmaster Jes T. Y. Lim – for many, continuous and invaluable learning as well as training experiences. Lifelong learning is what drives me, and what you also benefit from.

With my skills, experience & energy, I am 100% committed to unleashing your free flow.