Resolve blockages & set yourself free

Free yourself from your limits

Hi, I’m Helene. With my project helene.moves I support you and your business to release blockages, so that you can act more freely, more successfully, more joyfully and also healthier – in business & in life.
Get into the flow and allow things to start moving.

More freedom. More happiness. More success. More life. More flow.

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What my clients say

The coaching sessions with Helene have shown me new potentials that I will use for myself in the future. In addition, the personal counseling session with concrete examples and recommendations for action as part of the personality analysis was enormously helpful. I am now ready to take the next steps. (Cornelia, 43, Switzerland)

Release blockages and old patterns

With helene.moves I accompany you to remove physical, mental, emotional and energetic hurdles blocking your life and business paths.

Free yourself from limitations and old patterns. Increase your quality of life and business success NOW for more flow, success and well-being.

What moves.you?
What is your challenge?

helene.moves your Success

Peak performance at high speed: This coaching is for you if you are ready to dive into your highest potential and generate greater success with more ease.

helene.moves you

Tailor-made personal development consulting making you freer, more successful and happier: Experience the magic of a personality analysis and tap into your dormant potentials.

Allow your truest and highest potentials to unfold and do not linger in dream worlds any longer.
Let’s move your life and business on the road to success.

The time is now: I look forward to hearing from you!