supporting healthy businesses

I draw my work experience from a background of 10+ years in the private sector. Furthermore, I used to work with an international organization for another five years. Today, I work for myself. And also for you, if you like. Below you find some of the companies I cooperate with.

In textlichen Belangen und auch bei Fragen im strategischen Bereich greife ich gerne auf die Skills von Helene zurück. Ihr klarer Blick fürs Ganze und ihr wirtschaftliches Hintergrundwissen sind bei der Entwicklung unserer Projekte äußerst hilfreich. Auf Helene ist Verlass! (Stefan Larndorfer, CEO, sequality software engineering)

Stefan Larndorfer

CEO, sequality software engineering

What I specifically appreciate about Helene is her loyalty, as well as her ability to completely grasp the core of my business. She has the same aim as I, which is giving 100% for my business.
Sylvia Regner

owner, yoganotion