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business development advisor

Business development advising

  • Are you left alone when making your business decisions?
  • Do you have a specific business matter you would like to get a second opinion on?
  • Are you struggling with turning your ideas into a action?
  • Do you need fresh ideas for your business?
  • Is your company going through a process of change and you need support?
  • Are you in need of an outside perspective on your projects?

There are times when you are in need of a sparring partner. Someone to roll your ideas back and forth with. A different pair of eyes will help you find new angles. I will share my experience and opinion based on an extensive background in small and medium-sized businesses.

What I specifically appreciate about Helene is her loyalty as well as her ability to completely grasp the core of my business: She has the same aim as I, which is giving 100% for my business! (Sylvia Regner, owner, yoganotion) 

Fields of expertise I have advised my clients in include marketing, HR, customer support, change management, health and outreach. Working for mutual benefit, transparency and an open communication are key.

I appreciate taking advantage of Helene’s skills for strategic questions. Her broad view and economic background has been very helpful when developing our projects. I can fully rely on her! (Stefan Larndorfer, CEO, sequality software engineering)

Need help or got questions with your business development? Get in touch! Find out more about my clients and projects I supported here.

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