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Hi, my name is Helene.

I write stories.

I discuss businesses.

I am passionate about health.


Who I Am

I am an experienced and creative copywriter (German language), editortranslator and business development advisor. Find out more about how we can move your business forward here.

I believe that life is about balance. In addition to my business activities, I hold a passion for holistic health. Read more about what we can do together to move your personal health and projects to the next level here.

How I Can Help You

My Background

  • Business development advisor with 10+ years of work experience in small and medium-sized companies
  • Experienced copywriter, editor and translator
  • Certified business trainer
  • Certified yoga instructor, body worker and nuad (traditional Thai massage) therapist
  • I am currently trained as a nutrition expert according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
  • I completed my studies in Scandinavian Area Studies/Russian (MA) and Economics (BSc).

What I Would Like to Give Back

With the activities of helene.moves I would like to support others: Some years ago my passion for nature and the mountains took me to Nepal. This very poor country, as well as its friendly, loving and open-minded people have been very dear to my heart ever since. Together with helene.moves, my clients, family & friends we help and support a family in Nepal. By getting involved in helene.moves activities you contribute to helping my Nepali friends.



Do you have any additional questions regarding helene.moves and my activities? Contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!