Hi, my name is Helene. Great to have you here!

I very much look forward to accompanying you on your path towards a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle. I hope that my tips and tricks on health, mental fitness, nutrition and movement inspire you to include some bits and pieces into your daily routine!

Who I was

As a child I was never much into movement: I was neither strong nor flexible by nature. At school I would always be among the less skilled children in sports class. What I have always enjoyed though was spending time in nature: Regardless of the season I would stroll around our garden with my brother and cousins, or I would ski in the winter and swim at a local pool or pond in the summer. Thanks to my mum’s loving cooking there was always a variety of home-made dishes available. But cooking myself? No way! Any interest in healthy nutrition? Clearly not!

What Happened Next

At the age of 20 I noticed that moving my body FEELS GOOD. I became aware of listening to my body’s needs: Due to sitting too much and for too long on school chairs, in lecture halls at university and at office desks, I suffered from a crooked spine and constant back pain. Fast and inadvertent training to release my back pain triggered other issues: problems with my knees and a painful sciatica. I felt sluggish and exhausted due to physical& emotional stress as well as an unbalanced diet that supported a restless lifestyle at high pace.

How I can help you with healthy.moves

Breaking movement patterns into targeted exercises has helped me distinguish between healthy and unhealthy movements. To do so I use is targeted body.moves and the practice of yoga. Since 2013 I have worked as a dedicated bodyworker, movement specialist & certified yoga instructor. Ever since I have helped my clients – athletes, office workers and people like you and me – to explore and manifest healthy movement patterns for

  • better strength
  • enhanced flexibility
  • a higher level of performance
  • a lower risk of injury
  • reduced physical & mental stress

It is my passion and mission to support you walking through life upright and with ease, to get rid of any muscular tension, stress or physical pain you experience.

How I can help you finding a healthy.diet

For over 15 years I have been heavily experimenting with nutrition. Food is our lubricating oil and the effects nutrition has on the body are tremendous: Do you often experience fatigue? Are you having trouble with your digestion and/or skin? Do you suffer from hunger attacks? Do you have a weak immune system? These may be indicators that it is on time to check (and adjust) your diet. As a nutritionist in training I can help you put together a diet that works: Feel healthy and energised from the inside out by strengthening your body with an individual nutrition package adjusted to your needs.

How I can help you getting into a healthy.mind set

Health also happens in our heads. Mens sana: The ancient Romans knew that a healthy mind enables a healthy body and the other way round. When being stuck in a carousel of thoughts for too long, also the physical wellbeing can deteriorate. Some of the effects when things get a bit too crazy in the mind are:

  • restlessness
  • lack of motivation
  • digestive issues and stomach problems
  • (emotional) stress
  • fatigue
  • insomnia

Would you like to learn some tools that help you keep the hamster wheel of your thoughts at check? Are you looking for a safe, non-judgemental and neutral space where you can openly talk and share your story? These are just a few things I can help you with. Allow your life to become easier, simpler and more relaxed by creating more peace and clarity in your mind.

Everything is connected…and if you want something you can make it!

I believe that everything is connected. Health happens in body, mind and soul likewise: It is important to deal with them in relation to each other and not separately. Everybody and every body is different. There is no “one-fits-all” recipe, which is why an individual approach adjusted to your very own needs leads to the best results. Changing old habits and unhealthy behaviour patterns takes time: A bit of perseverance is a must and failure is part of every process. But if you really want something you will make it! And with a little help it will be much easier. 🙂

Individual Coaching

Contact me for your individual health coaching. Let’s talk and find out how I can support you in becoming a healthier, more balanced and energised version of yourself.

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What I would like to give back

With the activities of helene.moves I would like to support people whose life is not as easy as mine. A few years back, my passion for nature and the mountains took me to Nepal. This little and very poor country as well as its friendly, loving and open-minded people have been very dear to my heart ever since. Together with helene.moves, my clients, family & friends we help and support a family in Nepal: After the house of Padam, Renuka and their three children was shattered into pieces by a big earthquake, we donated funds to help them re-build a home for themselves. In addition to Padam’s work as a trekking guide, the family runs a little farm with two buffaloes which they purchased with the help of our donations. We currently support the education of the two daughters Salina and Soniya and assist the family with building a bigger and more stable home. By getting involved in helene.moves activities you actively contribute to helping a Nepali family.

My background

  • Two-time certified bodyworker & yoga instructor (2013 and 2014) as well as regular trainings and workshops in the fields of movement, anatomy, mental training and body work.
  • I am currently trained as a nutritionist according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
  • helene.writes: I am also a certified business trainer, copywriter and consultant. As business coach and copywriter I follow another passion of mine, which is supporting small and medium-sized enterprises with their decision-making processes, as well as writing articles and delivering (web) content.
  • I completed my studies in Scandinavian Area Studies/Russian and Economics.


Do you have any additional questions regarding helene.moves and my activities? Feel free to contact me at any time. I look forward to hearing from you!