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Feeling like a Piece of Shit: 3 Techniques to Deal with a Shitty Day

December 31, 2017

Shitty days. Let’s be honest: Some days are just shitty.

In my case it can mean that stuff happens which I did not expect to happen. That I have serious doubts in myself and ask myself over again what the hell I am doing with my life. That I am disconnected and I feel I don’t fit in anywhere. That I am overwhelmed with all the shit happening to the environment, our planet and in the societies we live in. That I don’t know how to deal with a certain situation or person. Some days I wake up in the morning feeling like a piece of shit for no reason.

How I deal with a shitty day

On a shitty day there is not much to do for me but to stay low-key. On such a day I do not see the bright side of things, and I don’t need to. Here are three techniques though that make me bear a shitty day a little bit better:

  1. Acceptance

There is no way around it: A shitty day usually remains a shitty day. There is no need to sugarcoat a shitty day. Emotions come and go. Today the shitty emotions are here to stay. Yesterday was a different day and tomorrow will probably be different, too. Or maybe not. Happiness comes and goes. Shit comes and goes. Accepting that today is shit and that other days may be different is a first step helping me deal with today’s shit.

  1. A treat

“What can I do to make my shitty day a bit more bearable?” is a question I ask myself on a shitty day. Sometimes treating myself on a walk in the fresh air, a conversation with a person that knows me well or hiding in bed with a good book helps. If there is a reason for my shitty day it can help reflecting on what I can do to change things. Sometimes it means I have go back to point 1: On some shitty days everything I can treat myself on is acceptance.

  1. Gratefulness

Even though today is shit, I can usually find a few things I am grateful for. I am grateful for my health, for the possibilities I have to create my life the way I feel fit, for the people that are part of it. Sometimes I am grateful for a blanket I can pull over my head to hide from the world for a while. For a hug. For leaving me in peace. Or for a hot cup of tea.

Having shitty days is normal. Often one, two or all three of these techniques make my shitty day become a bit more bearable. And maybe they can help you, too. Having months or years of shitty days is not normal, meaning that I need to change stuff/my mind set and I probably need help with that.

My shitty day is my shitty day

It is usually helpful to let my surroundings know that I am feeling low, but it is not fair to impose my shit on them. It is not my job to make the day of others shitty, too.

Do you experience shitty days from time to time? I better hope you do. Having no shitty days is wrong. It is part of being human I guess. How we DEAL with shitty days is our choice though.

How do YOU deal with shitty days? Please share your ideas, comments and suggestions with me!