Welcome to the world of helene.moves!

On my web site I would like to share tips, ideas and suggestions with you for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Do you want to make a healthy lifestyle part of your daily routine? Are you looking for suggestions on what you can do to feel more energised, fitter and healthier both in body and mind? Are you interested in improving your overall well-being? Do you need help to get started?

I hope that helene.moves inspires you to explore what you can do to keep body, mind and soul healthy, fit and in balance. At helene.moves the following three things are key:

  • Regular movement to keep your body in shape
  • Mental training to keep your head clear
  • A conscious diet to remain fit and cheery from the inside out

Take a look around and discover my delicious recipes that are easy to cook. Get more ideas around a healthy and balanced lifestyle on the helene.moves blog and exchange with other like-minded people in our Facebook community. You can also join us on one of our Health Camps for the complete experience: Practice and learn all about healthy moves and mental fitness while enjoying a simple and yummy diet. I look forward to getting to know you!

From my health to yours,